It’s official we are using technology in the Art room!

Last year our school implemented a new behavior plan for our building.  SWPBSI, School Wide Positive Behavior Support is a state led initiative that reinforces positive behaviors based upon respect; yourself, respect others, and respect property.    The students have created a key to their classroom. All keys are formed from student hand prints which become their pledge to follow.  Classroom teachers, itinerants, aides and office staff were all asked to add their hand print to the keys pledging to follow the codes of respect.

A technology link was added to this project by using an iPad and the app HT Recorder.  The question, “What does respect mean to you?” was posed to each student and recorded in a short clip.  The recordings were then converted into QR codes using QR Stuff, a free web site.  When the code is read with a hand-held device and QR reader students can hear their individual recordings of their classroom and the meaning of respect.

QR Code

QR Code

student 3

Swimming in the Wishpool

In my classroom I am constantly showing works of art or demonstrating with the use of a document camera and projector. It is sometimes a tricky endeavor seeing that I teach in a building of 50+ teachers and there are only 2 document cameras. After receiving an iPad as a birthday gift, it wasn’t long until I started to brainstorm different apps and ways to implement this hand held device in my art room. I knew that a document camera and projector were a must in order for the iPad lessons to be successful.

Around the beginning of the school year our district informed us that we were permitted to purchase document cameras with our budget monies. The search began for the highest quality document camera at the most reasonable price. After some discussion with colleagues, I discovered the IPEVO Point 2 View Document Camera. This 2 megapixel document camera is lightweight and easy to use. There are two focus modes as well as snapshot. For a mere $69 I had a highly portable document camera of my very own.

Our district technology does not support Apple products so I knew I would not be able to purchase any type of device to link my iPad and camera with budgeted monies. So, the second search began for an inexpensive way to link the two. Returning to IPEVO I found the WS-01 Wireless Station for only $69. This as compared to the Apple TV for $99 proved to be a better value for my pocketbook.

But, while perusing the IPEVO website I discovered the Wishpool. Wishpool is a program sponsored by IPEVO that wants to get technology into schools. Every month the Wishpool Team chooses a product to give away. It is easy to apply for a wish. Simply register with your school’s email address and write a brief paragraph telling Wishpool your story. The Wishpool Team will read the emails and award free technology to deserving schools.

It just happens that the product being offered while exploring the IPEVO Wishpool was the Wireless Station I needed to purchase. I sent IPEVO a short paragraph stating my predicament of having to purchase my own wireless station. Within 24 hours my wish was granted, within 48 the wireless station was shipped to my school.

I now own the IPEVO document camera and IPEVO wireless router, downloaded the IPEVO Whiteboard app converting my iPad into a document camera /white board-all for a mere $69.

Thank you IPEVO!