Tryout for Art?

mural 1 mural 2 mural 3This school year has started with a bang and just seems to keep flying right along.  It’s hard to think that we are in December and I feel like we are just getting started.  My co-partner decided that it would be a great idea to have the students paint a mural in the library of our school.  So, we decided to hold “try-outs” for painters.  Not wanting to exclude anyone but, knowing that you cannot paint a small mural with 800+ students this seemed to be our logical course of action.

The tryout took 2 weeks.  The first week we had students paint in a pre-printed worksheet that consisted of shapes similar to those on the wall.  With over 300 students participating in the initial tryout deciding who would move onto the second round was the most difficult task for us.  Small discrepancies in painting techniques had to come into play.  We chose 40 students.

Those students then returned to our rooms to paint a paper rendition of the mural.  Each student was given a number so were not aware of their identity.  They were assessed on their ability to paint on a wall, how they cleaned their brushes, and a short written reflection of why they thought they should be chosen to paint the mural.  Hands down students were chosen on their cleaning up techniques and/or written response, painting had little to do with this elimination process.

At the end of the day, 32 students were chosen to paint the mural.  We stayed after school for 6 weeks; two nights each week, 16 students per night.  This gave us a manageable number of students that could work comfortably in the space.

Even though there were moments of “Ooops!”  “Awwww!” and “Oh no!”.  The overall event was a great success.  The mural is still not completed but with holidays upon us it is difficult to stay after school to work.

Smaller groups of students will be asked to join us occasionally to complete the project.  Working on layering techniques and details.  If all goes well, we hope to complete work by the holiday break! mural 3 mural 2 day 1 mural 2

I wonder what they are thinking?

I often times wonder what my students are thinking when they are working on something.  It is interesting for me to watch how they process information and make choices.  Yesterday we were doing a simple review of color before we started to explore tints and shades and this is what I witnessed happening at two different tables. (2)photo (4)