Time well spent…..



There comes a time in everyone’s life when you need to take some time off.  After working at full speed for the past 3 months, I took a much-needed respite this weekend to enjoy my family and the holiday.  Not often do we travel on a holiday  weekend, but this one we did, and while away I realized that I am always rushing to finish this work or that, displaying projects, creating lessons, and keeping up with endless paper work.  And blogging has become a new “passion” and somehow another item on the too long “to do list”.

So, the small reprieve of a holiday and the absence of computers and timelines left me with the feeling that maybe it is okay to take this time to relax.  No earth shattering emails or phone calls needed a reply, no one needed my immediate attention, and the alarm clock didn’t waken me with its endless shrill.  But, the itch to blog was curiously present, suppressed by conversation and laughter only to reappear through the creation of simple thoughts of time well spent.

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