10 reasons why people say, “It’s just Art!”


  1. When students don’t want to finish a project.
  2. When students don’t want to make-up work.
  3. When other teachers pull students from your class to make-up their work.
  4. When the nurse calls students out of class for health/wellness testing.
  5. When the schedule is shortened and art is cancelled due to an assembly.
  6. When other teachers are complaining of how hard it is to grade 26 students and you casually mention that you have 400+ students not 26.
  7. When parents pull children early from school for an eye, doctor, or dentist appointment, a visit to grandma, or a vacation to Disney Land!
  8. When guidance counselors ask to meet with students during your class, “So they won’t miss anything.”
  9. When there is ANOTHER fire drill during the same art class.
  10. When a 2 hour delay, due to snow, makes the period 22 minutes in length as compared to the usual 41 and it’s the end of the grading period.

Does anyone ever tell you “It’s just Art!”  If so, tell me how you handle the situation.