Textural Weavings

Textural Weaving


  • distinguish between tactile and visual textures
  • create a woven textured wall hanging using burlap and raffia
  • use seeds and beans to create actual textural patterns

ESSENTIAL QUESTION: What is the difference between actual and visual texture? Show students a variety of different objects that have actual texture.  Have them touch the objects to identify how each one feels.  Then show them several different drawings or photos that show visual texture. Discuss how the artist creates a visual texture in each of the pieces.

Students will be given a 12 X 18 inch piece of burlap.  Discuss the difference between the warp and weft threads of the weaving.  Let the students spend some time removing weft threads from the burlap to create open areas.  Using raffia or colored yarn the students will weave color into the open areas. Students will glue patterns with seeds and beans onto the woven areas of the burlap creating an actual texture.


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